Hi, I'm Noam :)I’m a strategic communications and public relations professional based outside of Los Angeles. I currently work for Nava, a public benefit corporation making government services simple, effective, and accessible to all.Over the years I have helped multi-million dollar companies, health systems, and government clients achieve their goals. I enjoy the complexity of both protecting and promoting a client's brands, as well as the deep thinking and planning my work calls for.Not long ago, I also got the chance to work with my mom, Dr. Tal Leead (PsyD), on editing, publishing, and marketing her first self-help book titled "Happier Being". Bringing this book to life was one of the most challenging yet rewarding projects I have been a part of. In 2022, "Happier Being" became an Amazon #1 best seller - we are both very proud.Apart from my professional work, I write a newsletter focused on allergy-friendly food & dining in the LA/SoCal area called "The Choosy Foodie". I'm also a big health nerd and sci-fi fantasy reader.Below are some writing and work samples from various positions throughout my career...

Work Product

Nava is a software company and public benefit corporation that's working to make government services simple, effective, and accessible to all. I originally came on as a strategic communications consultant, working with the Department of Labor's Office of Unemployment Insurance Modernization. I'm currently a Communications Lead at the company, and enjoy pushing the company's mission and efforts forward. Below are just some of the public projects I have worked on in different capacities:

Department of Labor

Happier Being: Your Path to Optimizing Habits, Health & Happiness is Dr. Tal's first book published in September of 2022. In addition to being the official developmental editor and point on public relations, I helped the book become a #1 best-seller on Amazon through content marketing & KDP ranking strategy. Bringing this book to life and growing Dr. Tal's psychology practice was both a challenging and highly rewarding experience - one I'm very proud of! Below are some pieces I helped ghost-write and secure coverage for:

Cerrell Associates is an LA-based public relations and public affairs agency that has delivered successful strategic communications and advocacy programs for primarily corporate and government clients. During my time at Cerrell I was on the PR & Crisis Communications team -- providing strategic counsel, reputation management, and media relations services. My work product is broad, but here's a small sample of media hits I garnered for clients:


My personal project, this once-a-month, quick-hitting newsletter covers the latest free-from eats (GF, DF, etc...) in Los Angeles / SoCal. Below is a favorite edition of mine:

Tasting Table is a well-known digital media brand reporting on food and drink. I have occasionally written for their Features section. Below is a favorite article of mine:

UCSD Guardian is the leading newspaper at the University of California, San Diego. During my undergraduate years I wrote for the Features section. My writing has evolved, but I'm still very proud of this work! Below are some of my favorite authored articles:


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